• Our Knitting Operations
    Our Knitting Operations outside of Chennai, India. Women from the rural area bring their children, and come to knit together.

There are an estimated 1.2 million children who are trafficked violently, each year and 27 million people trafficked, predominantly women.

Although I could not relate to trafficking victims, in hearing trafficking stories for over 9 years in the field, I did recall domestic violence in my childhood being threatened and family having to go into hiding. So many women in the world deal with some form of domestic violence in the world today. We get a glimpse even if a little bit into what these little girls experience all over the world on a daily basis; with the constant fear of threat, force, and even death. They aren’t free, and live through a personal hell on a daily basis. They live through this every day of their lives when they are abducted for sex trafficking. The most violent of predatory behavior occurs to these girls.

After spending nine years in major anti-pornography/anti-trafficking campaigns, and while completing my master’s degree, my focus became the connections between the demand side of trafficking, pornography, and how porn addicts truly are the cause feeding the supply of traffickers, they create a "demand," instigated by big pornography with kingpins who were allowed to produce illegal pornography going back to the 1950’s, many whose names the world knows today and who thrive today in Los Angeles with the U.S. government ignoring laws that would prevent it. Traffickers and pimps know that they can profit off addictions. So, they even show these precious girls porn videos, so that they can “act like porn stars” with their “clientele.”

During my graduate degree studies, I saw little girls in hidden video camera footage in brothels, who had to “service” 20-30 men a day in Asia. Seeing this, and knowing that men who are porn addicts travel thousands of miles looking for little girls to have sex with made my blood boil. I hardly saw any men standing up to say, how is it that our gender is instigating this atrocity, and addicts weren’t being tried for crimes against humanity; for violations against the world's children. I saw hardly any standing up to say, Stop It! I didn’t know of any who were willing to put their lives on the line for these little girls. It look me back to my childhood and I thought about these little girls today, as we go about our daily lives, who have to constantly live with violent threats. Given this, I began to analyze the network I had built up over the years, and saw that the majority of people fighting to change a world where trafficking of little girls is thriving, were women…I thought there MUST be some gentlemen, even a few of them left in the world, who actually would detest the actions of other men, that trafficked and forced themselves upon little girls. There just had to be and I was determined to find them……I knew that female well-trained self defense instructors could teach girls self defense, because I had learned from one as a teenager.

Having spent 10 years in white-collar crime investigations in corporations, I tapped into the intelligence arenas. I knew these two fields must be married. With my experience in fashion illustration and sewing, love for fashion and design, and having almost worked for the Secret Service myself, I knew two arenas could be meshed to form a social enterprise that could have an impact in helping little girls to be rescued, who were trafficked, and opportunities for the girls to be trained in self-defense, and be provided with equipment to keep them safe. We searched for those with the intelligence skills in military training, arms, and strategy, who could be hired to train weak local government police in impoverished areas where sex trafficking is thriving. Local police forces in brothel areas, are frequently not trained properly and effectively, and not even paid consistently (with no regular paychecks), and they have to go against traffickers, who are fully funded, armed, and equipped, and some are even bribed to look the other way. Local law enforcement in known sex trafficking areas needed to be fully equipped, trained, and armed, and assisted by former military and intelligence officials: the best in the world. The Gentlemen’s Posse was born. We partner with various, vetted, and proven, former military organizations, trusted intelligence organizations in our network. Our future mission is to train more impoverished countries law enforcement forces, specifically in known brothels areas, so they are empowered to conduct more rescues of trafficked little girls, with our main mission being to train girls in third-world countries, in self-defense and in providing them protection equipment to be able to fight back, and to protect themselves against rapists and traffickers. The Gentlemen’s Posse, is a social enterprise that makes handmade couture, and up-cycled and repurposed products, along with our Malala scarf line, knitted by South Indian women in need at our Knitting Operations in Chennai, supplying them with a consistent income and means to make a better life. When you purchase a hand sewn, knitted, up-cycled or repurposed product, the profits are used to implement our mission: the training of local law enforcement officials where sex trafficking is occurring so that more rescues of these precious little girls occurs, and to empower girls and women with protection skills, and job opportunities to empower them, across the world.

Other human trafficking organizations statements to us, was frustration because the number of victims was not decreasing, and rescues were not occurring as much as they had hoped and they did not directly work in the area of rescue operations or in self-defense and didn’t care to because of the risk. There was no stomach for them actually being involved in rescuing girls. This was unacceptable to me. Awareness and education are needed, but in order to put a dent in trafficking efforts, rescues MUST occur, the empowerment of women in skills and training MUST occur. The money being used towards awareness and education, must be used to actually equip those who can rescue these precious little girls, and to teach valuable protection skills…There are little girls who are still having to have sex with 20-30 men in one day…this is unacceptable and should make anyone with a conscious angry enough to act. With our vetted partners, we will be training the officers who will rescue more victims and will be equipped with everything they need to rescue, and we will teach girls self-defense…this is our mission….this is our purpose, this is what must happen to put a dent in the numbers of the little girls who are trafficked every year…..Liberating girls through Fashion…

When you purchase a one-of-a-kind product from The Gentlemen’s Posse, you help us equip law enforcement across the world to rescue these precious little girls, give needy women jobs, and empower girls to stand up for themselves. We need your support to do this. Please partner with us by also donating your gently used men’s ties, jeans or gently used pillowcases also, which we re-purpose, so that these rescues of the world’s precious girls can occur!

I’ve always believed, that if we built it, they would come…..

For the girls we thank you,

Tiffany Vaughn
Designer & Chief Liberation Officer
The Gentlemen’s Posse

*Trafficking statistics obtained from: UNICEF


    Steve Krause

    Steve Krause brings over twenty years of experience in the technology and risk field in corporations, spending the majority of his professional career designing and implementing approaches to analyze and ensure technology alignment with compliance and IT initiatives.

    Steve is currently a Risk Consultant in the Financial Services industry. Prior to this, he was a program manager in the Chief Information Security Officer organization also in the Financial Services industry. Steve was involved early on with Sarbanes-Oxley overseeing client’s domestic and international implementation. He was formerly also with IBM, directing a team of senior software engineers, and also with Oracle.
    Steve received the Oracle Club Excellence award for outstanding contributions.
    He received his BS in Business from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis in Management Information Systems and Computer Science. For his efforts, Steve received two IBM Systems Engineer Symposiums awards for “outstanding technical achievement” and an IBM Division award for “displaying“ outstanding technical and project leadership.

    Sarah Lowe

    Founder & President of the National Day of Prayer – South Central Area Network. In 1989, as prayer chairman for a women’s organization, she was introduced to National Day of Prayer and has coordinated city events, county events and state events. She describes herself as “a cheerleader” for the state coordinators and her desire is to be a blessing and encouragement to all. She also serves as the Vice President to the Tennessee Eagle Forum.

    She has been married to Rick for almost 35 years. They have 4 grown children, 3 sons-in-law and 3 precious granddaughters.

    Her relationship with Jesus is not only the most important relationship in her life but also the governing rule by which everything she says and does is measured.
    Sarah’s involvement with NDP continues because she has a passion for the Lord and a passion for prayer. Her mandate from the Lord is to serve the Body of Christ from the NDP Platform; to encourage National Daily Prayer; to recruit, equip, activate and mobilize.

    Her Board platform, is in leading prayer initiatives for The Gentlemen’s Posse, for related endeavors and missions.

    Rick Lowe

    Rick is a native Virginian and attended Roanoke College earning his business degree. He enjoyed a 30 year career in the healthcare industry that included responsibilities for marketing, national accounts, sales management in pharmaceutical delivery systems. Later, his career focused on the prevention of medication errors in the hospital patient space.

    Rick is a member of Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, where he is an ordained Deacon and actively involved in the Prayer Room and Men’s Ministries. In addition, he serves along side Sarah, his bride of 35 years, as National Area Leaders for the National Day of Prayer Task Force.
    Rick and Sarah have 3 married daughters, 3 granddaughters and one son. They believe their first line of ministry is to one another and to family. Rick says “Allowing God to love our family through us and establishing their personal relationships with Him is priority. The only sustainable gift we can leave our family is our support of their relationship with Jesus. When they read about the God of your Father’s in the Bible, I want them to be able to relate and to encourage them. My most important ministry is as Husband, Daddy and Grandfather (Poppa).”

    Now removed from corporate responsibilities, Rick says there are parallels he relates from business, ministry and his Christian journey. As New Testament Christians, “Christ loved me so much that he moved in. Journey on.”


    Chief Fashion Illustrator

    Our Chief Fashion Illustrator, for The Gentlemen’s Posse, is Chloe. Her amazing sketches of most of our handmade designs in our Shop section, are all hand sketched by her. She is passionate about art and serving the Lord. She feels blessed to be a part of The Gentlemen’s Posse, and the organization’s desire to save lives. Her future plan is to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Our Sarah Line of handmade pillows, will exclusively feature Chloe’s one of a kind hand sketched designs of our product lines for purchase.

    Our Muzzy line of women’s garments, are all illustrated by Chloe.

    In 2014, Chloe was featured in The Tennessean, winning a summer art scholarship at the respected O’More School of Design. This article is viewable in our Media section.


    Chief Tailor

    Cheryl has years of experience in sewing and garment construction, with a background as an Engineer. She has lead retail sewing classes for years, and all of our garments and accessory lines are handsewn by Cheryl, each having personal attention to detail and quality. Cheryl enjoys using her skills to help fight trafficking in keeping girls safe.


    The Gentlemen’s Posse will use intelligence information, and non-profit relationships, business financing, and partnerships to train local law enforcement agencies in countries to conduct more rescues, and help plan and execute rescue operations when needed in order to rescue and ensure the protection of trafficked girls, to see the abolition of slavery worldwide.


    The Gentlemen’s Posse is a social enterprise products line that funds the rescues of female sex trafficking victims. Its mission is to enhance the number of rescues through law enforcement training in order to liberate and empower women to rise above a life of enslavement.


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    We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers who are passionate about our mission. If you can spend 2-5 hours a week volunteering your time, to help us achieve our mission in protecting girls worldwide, please fill out the form below. Tell us about your strengths, skills, or things you would like to help with and we will be in touch with you when your skills are needed! We appreciate your interest!



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    We couldn’t wait to share with you more on our Knitting Operations, outside of Chennai, India. When I was in India, visiting our friends at Sangita Orphanage, I toured the surrounding areas and villages, and saw so much poverty. We saw widows who lived in literal shacks, although a U.S. shack would be luxury compared to a mud or leaf made bungalow, with leaves that are tied together for a roof. Sometimes the women that live in the bungalows, nearest visitor may be a stray dog, which are plenty in India, and you’ve seen unfortunately, if you’ve ever been to India (something we would love to help remediate in the future, so that animals are spayed and neutered there).

    These precious women who more than likely live alone, are so elated when strangers drive by and invite you in immediately, for a cup of warm tea, which they heat up on a small bunson burner. I remember one sweet women, who wanted our whole troop to come inside her bungalow, and only two of us could fit, and she sat on the floor, and gave up two plastic, old chairs to her visitors. She exuded some of the best and unselfish, hospitality I had ever experienced, with the biggest smile on her face just to have visitors.

    We spent some time talking and visiting with her, and the look on her face when our troop of visitors had to go, was a look of such sadness – I thought to myself, she must just savor having visitors when living out in a rural place, with no security, and by yourself, perhaps going days without seeing an human. What an honor to see parts of the world, and others in our world, and to think of the people who may be lonely everyday, and abandoned, but who still find joy and exude of hospitality in all circumstances – what a lesson for me and for the rest of the world! We look forward to introducing you to our Knitting Operations women from a nearby village in upcoming posts.

    Thank you for your support of women and girls worldwide!



    Woman’s Bungalow outside Knitting Operations – Chennai, India


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