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    We couldn’t wait to share with you more on our Knitting Operations, outside of Chennai, India. When I was in India, visiting our friends at Sangita Orphanage, I toured the surrounding areas and villages, and saw so much poverty. We saw widows who lived in literal shacks, although a U.S. shack would be luxury compared to a mud or leaf made bungalow, with leaves that are tied together for a roof. Sometimes the women that live in the bungalows, nearest visitor may be a stray dog, which are plenty in India, and you’ve seen unfortunately, if you’ve ever been to India (something we would love to help remediate in the future, so that animals are spayed and neutered there).

    These precious women who more than likely live alone, are so elated when strangers drive by and invite you in immediately, for a cup of warm tea, which they heat up on a small bunson burner. I remember one sweet women, who wanted our whole troop to come inside her bungalow, and only two of us could fit, and she sat on the floor, and gave up two plastic, old chairs to her visitors. She exuded some of the best and unselfish, hospitality I had ever experienced, with the biggest smile on her face just to have visitors.

    We spent some time talking and visiting with her, and the look on her face when our troop of visitors had to go, was a look of such sadness – I thought to myself, she must just savor having visitors when living out in a rural place, with no security, and by yourself, perhaps going days without seeing an human. What an honor to see parts of the world, and others in our world, and to think of the people who may be lonely everyday, and abandoned, but who still find joy and exude of hospitality in all circumstances – what a lesson for me and for the rest of the world! We look forward to introducing you to our Knitting Operations women from a nearby village in upcoming posts.

    Thank you for your support of women and girls worldwide!



    Woman’s Bungalow outside Knitting Operations – Chennai, India


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